Women’s Economic Empowerment and Participation in Lebanon

Lebanon Zero Poverty
October 2019
January 2022

This twenty-seven month project (November 2019 – January 2022) aims to contribute to the economic empowerment of Lebanese and Syrian women in Lebanon, through improving women’s access to secure and sustainable incomes and livelihoods, and enhancing capacity of stakeholders at institutional and community level to recognize women’s specific economic needs, and to enact/support policy change to address them. The project will be implemented in the South governorate of Lebanon and will provide a total of 750 women (half of whom refugees) with access to technical and soft skills training across 6 value chains in agricultural and non-agricultural sectors. Concurrently, business development support will be provided to a total of 10 women-led SMEs and 3 start-ups, including development of market linkages. 5 target municipalities will additionally benefit from capacity building for the implementation of local economic initiatives supporting women’s economic empowerment. Finally, women’s rights and economic participation will be promoted through awareness-raising and community mobilization, targeting approximately 25,000 individuals.

Current projects

Sustainability, income generation and job creation through the support of irrigation and water collection infrastructure in Lebanon (Phase IV)

Promote GEEW & prevent / respond 2 GBV incldg humanitarian

Enabling Social and Solidarity Initiatives in Agriculture and Agro-food in North-Lebanon and Akkar

Alliance2015 Food Security Value Chain Assessment

Emergency response to Beyruth Explosion

Reconstruction of Beirut: Support from the Region and the Île-de-France Municipalities in the fields of Health, Housing and Heritage

The implementation of a WFP Asssistance programme

Emergency shelter assistance to the Beirut population affected by the explosion

Emergency response to Beirut blast

Emergency response to Beyruth Explosion

Reducing the direct economic downturn impact on vulnerable communities in Lebanon

Increasing women involvement in The Employment Intensive Infrastructure Programme in Lebanon

Mitigation and Response to Gender-Based Violence and Enhancing Access to Reproductive Health Services in vulnerable neighbourhoods of Tripoli and Beirut

Supporting Women Refugees and Host Community Nationals to Respond to the Impact of the Syria Crisis through Economic Empowerment in the ICT Sector

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Participation in Lebanon (Bekaa Lebanon Governorate

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Participation in Lebanon

Sustainable drinking water supply for vulnerable communities

A more sustainable safe drinking water supply for vulnerable communities living in a more protected environment

Support improved provision of basic social and health services through local capacity building in Lebanon and Iraqi Kurdistan

Towards an active participation of civil society in the reform process

Addressing the immediate emergency needs of the Beirut population affected by the Port explosion