WFP Assistance Programme

Jordan Emergencies and disaster resilience
January 2020
December 2020

Throughout this 12-month project, ACTED will continue its provision of unconditional resource transfers to an estimated number of 177,170 Syrian and non-Syrian refugees in four northern governorates in Jordan, as well as King Abdullah Park camp. ACTED will distribute e-cards with which refugees can receive WFP assistance, and ensure and monitor the accessibility of the services through helpdesks, post offices, and household visits. The beneficiaries will be informed about the services by conducting information dissemination events and focus group discussions. Finally, to enhance community outreach and an inclusive service provision, ACTED will take positive action in support of people living with disabilities through operating a mobile helpdesk.

Current projects

Community Mobilization for the WASH Programme in Za’atari

Circular Economy National Study in Jordan

Provision of support to social entrepreneurs targeting migrants and refugees in Jordan”,

Mask Production, Waste to Positive Energy

Providing sustainable work opportunities to refugees and vulnerable Jordanians in the agricultural sector in Jordan

Supporting Civil Society Organizations at local and national level to monitor public policies in key sectors in Jordan – Jordan Guardians Project

Sustainable waste management in the city of Sahab

Waste to (Positive) Energy

Waste to (Positive) Energy

WASH Community Mobilization, Zaatari Camp

WFP Assistance Programme

Improving living conditions of Syrian refugees in Za’atari Refugee Camp through the construction of a stormwater drainage system

Improvement of Green Infrastructures in Jordan through Labor-Intensive Measures (CfWGI)

Addressing urgent water, sanitation & hygiene needs of vulnerable outreach communities and host communities in North Jordan