WASH Response to Drought and Displacement Affected Population in Sanaag Region of Somalia

Somalia Humanitarian Action
May 2019
May 2020

Approximately 2.9 million people require urgent WASH support in Somalia. In drought affected regions, water scarcity and inadequate quality are leading causes of displacement and conflict, particularly in Puntland and Somaliland, where women and children must often travel over 30 minutes to reach drinking water points.

In this context, ACTED will implement a WASH cluster-specific intervention for IDPs and rural communities in areas affected by drought aiming to 1) Provide reliable and sustainable access to sufficient safe water, based on identified strategic water points and construction of new boreholes; 2) Establish an appropriate system for the management and maintenance of facilities, with different groups contributing equitably; and 3) Enhance community sanitation.

ACTED will implement these activities in Karasharka, Huluul, Habarshiro, Kalshiikh and Elbuh of Sanaag Region Approximately 25,000 people (4,167 households) will benefit from this intervention, in addition to creating synergies for improved coordination and collaboration among WASH stakeholders in the area, including local authorities, clusters and other NGOs. Specifically, ACTED has coordinated with OXFAM, who will be covering Lasanood, El-AFweyne, Kal sheikh, War-idhaad and Garadheg ) and Ainabo.

Current projects

Provision of critical protection services to vulnerable women and girls affected by flooding Hirshabele, Belet Weyne, Somalia

Risk Communication and Community Engagement on COVID-19 targeting vulnerable IDPs in camp settings in Hargeisa, Tog-dheer and Sanaag regions

Rapid unconditional cash transfer relief for vulnerable flood-affected households

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings

Sustained CCCM support to vulnerable IDP settlements in Somaliland

Providing life-saving and sustainable WASH services to underserved IDP communities in Bardera

Supporting food insecure households through multi-purpose cash assistance

Improving access and availability of food while building resilient systems for insecure populations in Bay, Lower Juba and Gedo Region

Integrated WASH, shelter, CCCM and information management support to improve living conditions of drought affected rural and IDP populations in Somalia

WASH Response to Drought and Displacement Affected Population in Sanaag Region of Somalia

Provision of sustained CCCM Support for IDP Settlements

Coordinated Implementation of Multipurpose Cash Assistance to Support Somali Households Affected by Crisis

Coordinated implementation of multipurpose cash assistance to support Somali households affected by crisis

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