WASH Community Mobilization, Zaatari Camp

Jordan Zero Exclusion
January 2020
December 2020

In this 1-year project, ACTED will support UNICEF with social mobilisation and WASH infrastructure activities in Zaatari and KAP refugee camps, targeting 37,532 individuals in 6 districts of Zaatari camp and the whole population of KAP camp. To ensure community ownership of the WASH infrastructure and understanding of the complaints mechanism in Zaatari camp, ACTED will support UNICEF with the establishment of a new WASH Community Representative structure. Moreover, ACTED will promote behavioural change with regards to safe hygiene and environmental practices in Zaatari and KAP camps, focusing on schools and Makani centres, and supporting UNICEF’s Environment Clubs. Finally, to encourage water-saving and conservation practices, ACTED will distribute water-saving devices and install handwashing water-reuse systems in 100 households, as well as upgrade up to 100 toilets of particularly vulnerable households.

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WASH Community Mobilization, Zaatari Camp

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