Vulnerability and Essential Needs Assessment (VENA)

Uganda Zero Exclusion
July 2019
June 2020

Uganda hosts one of the largest populations of refugees which directly impacts on the refugees’ capacities to meet their essential needs. The project will be implemented in Uganda for a period of six months, assessing the protection and economic needs of these communities so as to have a targeted and relevant humanitarian response across the region. This project will target 5,000 refugee household settlements for assessment. The project is a vulnerability and essential needs assessment (VENA) in profiling household vulnerability. It contributes to the vulnerability and capacity assessment tools used by partners to select and target beneficiary groups.

Current projects

Cash and Market Analysis Support for the Uganda Refugee Response

Urgent support for livelihoods in the Greater Horn of Africa in the face of escalating locust crisis

Vulnerability and Essential Needs Assessment (VENA)

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