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December 2020
May 2021

IMPACT will undertake a 5-month service contract with UNOPS to advance the coordination and strategic framework under the GoU-led Sector Working Group on Recovery and Reintegration, in order to ensure more integrated and effective “nexus” planning and programming, using tools such as the data portal and NMS. This will be done through 1) A desk review of existing humanitarian, development, peacebuilding data, identifying the needs, risks, and vulnerabilities in Eastern Ukraine, and support to SWF in establishing a common results framework; 2) Identifying new socio-economic indicators for MRTOT’s Data Portal on Economic and Social Recovery that can track socio-economic development in eastern Ukraine (GCA); 3) Expanding the partnership between IOM’s NMS and and WB socio-economic analysis.

Current projects

From an extra to a must: mainstreaming multi-sector needs assessments to inform HNO/HRP Processes Across Humanitarian Crises