Towards an active participation of civil society in the reform process

Lebanon Civil society and effective governance
January 2017
December 2020

This project aims to contribute to a more enabling environment for civil society in Lebanon , fostering the engagement of civil society organisations both at policy and local development levels. This will be done through establishing a civil society organisation incubator, conducting training and supporting civil society organisations to implement community projects as well as support for local government in planning process. The project will target at least 150,000 individuals, in the Nord (Tripoli, Akkar, Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Baabda, Metn) and South (Sour, Saida and Nabatiye) of Lebanon.

Current projects

Increasing women involvement in The Employment Intensive Infrastructure Programme in Lebanon

Mitigation and Response to Gender-Based Violence and Enhancing Access to Reproductive Health Services in vulnerable neighbourhoods of Tripoli and Beirut

Supporting Women Refugees and Host Community Nationals to Respond to the Impact of the Syria Crisis through Economic Empowerment in the ICT Sector

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Participation in Lebanon (Bekaa Lebanon Governorate

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Participation in Lebanon

Build the resilience of conflicted affected displaced and hosting vulnerable women and girls in Tripoli, Lebanon

Resilient Education: Educational infrastructure and services for the communities of Beirut and Mount Lebanon

Evidence-based planning and programming for humanitarian actors in Syria

Sustainable drinking water supply for vulnerable communities

Support improved provision of basic social and health services through local capacity building in Lebanon and Iraqi Kurdistan

Soutien aux coopératives oléicoles et apicoles au Liban en tant qu’acteurs clés de la société civile dans la promotion d’une croissance inclusive et durable

Towards an active participation of civil society in the reform process

Social Protection and Economic Inclusion Programme

Support to the North Lebanon Water Establishment in improving water supply in target municipalities of Akhar district

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