To support Myanmar displaced persons in a safe and dignified manner, ACTED Thailand will pre-position essential non-food items in Mae Hong Song province, Thailand, for an emergency intervention that would cover 169 households (845 individuals) comprised of incoming displaced persons from Myanmar

Thailand Humanitarian Action
July 2021
February 2022

On the 01/02/21, the Myanmar military executed a coup and reinstated military junta. The following violence and deteriorating economic situation has increased the risk of people seeking refuge in Thailand.

This project supports Myanmar displaced persons in a safe and dignified manner. ACTED will pre-position for an emergency intervention covering distribution of NFIs, targeting 169 households (845 individuals). The kits will be used to address immediate needs of refugees as they enter into Thailand. The distribution will consist of: 1) NFI Kits, and 2) Baby Kits.

ACTED will provide kits between August 2021-February 2022, or until kits are fully distributed.

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