Theatre Doc: Centre Stage for Women’s Rights

Tajikistan Civil society and effective governance
August 2019
July 2020

This 12 months project will create several multilingual (Tajik-Russian) theatre pieces that will touch up on violence issues against women in Tajikistan. The theatre performance will be shown in public places in cities of Tajikistan (Khujand and Dushanbe) involving audience into discussion and reflection on the situation and context. Though legal environment in Tajikistan is enabling protection of rights of all parts of population, in practice women are still in the situation of constant threat of violence and harassment in family and in the streets. The theatre performances will not only target women, but will also engage male members of the audience and invite them to reconsider their assumptions about women’s roles, as well as consider what role they can play in ending violence and discrimination against women and girls. The project will involve 3 artist, one theatre director, two script writers, around 600 of local audience and up to 50 000 people reached via social media by video footage of the theatre performances.

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Theatre Doc: Centre Stage for Women’s Rights

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