Technical assistance in facilitating participatory implementation cycle, monitoring and oversight with regard to demand driven investments in basic infrastructure and services in selected qishloqs (villages) in Andijan and Fergana region

Uzbekistan Access to Basic Services
June 2021
June 2023

This project is implemented in the regions of Fergana and Andijan in Uzbekistan from June 11th 2021 until June 11th 2023. ACTED will lead the consortium of Yuksalish, ISW and Taraqqiyot to improve participatory implementation of demand-driven investments and ensure community mobilization in rural infrastructure development.

The project will be implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and together, ACTED and project partners will work with local Qishloqs, Mahalla citizens assemblies, district Hokimyats and local communities.

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