Supporting Vulnerable, Conflict-Affected Populations with Evidence-Based Water Scarcity Response Mechanisms, Through Improved Monitoring, Prediction and Community Action in Iraq

Iraq Humanitarian Action
June 2022
May 2024

AAH and REACH (an inter-agency initiative of IMPACT Initiatives and ACTED) will develop and roll out an open-source, integrated climate monitoring dashboard that will be used by the government and communities to predict droughts (water scarcity). The Water Scarcity Task Force, government ministries, directorates and community-based organizations will have technical and analytical support provided to manage data and to use it for taking decisions. Based on the community led model, context specific disaster risk reduction plans will be established to address water scarcity. Support will also be provided at government and community level to monitor the flow/utilization of water at household level. Simulations and modeling exercises will be conducted to create a knowledge base that will show the impact of no water for one day, five days and fourteen days and promote regulated use of water at the community level.

Current projects

Facilitating economic recovery through the provision of sustainable livelihood opportunities in Sheikhan district, Ninewa governorate

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings

Meeting the vital needs of populations affected by the war in north-eastern Syria and displaced in Iraq