Central African Republic

Supporting and sustaining the dynamics of return to Bangui through strengthened social, economic and protection mechanisms

Central African Republic Sustainable and inclusive growth
March 2018
March 2020

This project will be carried out in consortium with ACF, DRC and IMPACT initiatives, in Bangui in the 3rd arrondissement and Bimbo district. It will aim to: "Support and sustain the dynamics of return to Bangui through appropriate and strengthened social, economic and protection mechanisms". This objective will be achieved through the achievement of three objectives:

  1. Men, women and children in returning neighbourhoods have access to protection services and mechanisms to support their psychological resilience (DRC lead)
  2. Governmental and local authorities as well as civil society organizations are actively involved in the recovery process and community stabilization.
  3. Socio-economic recovery dynamics and social cohesion between host, displaced and returned populations are restored (ACTED and DRC lead):
  • ACTED and DRC aim to increase the purchasing power of vulnerable households while improving social cohesion links and opportunities in return areas in Bangui and Bimbo. This objective will be achieved through the organization of High Manpower Intensity Works (THIMO) and the support to Income Generating Activities (IGA) and Resilience Funds (2,000 IGAs including 75% for ACTED). The IGAs/Resilience Funds will largely be carried out through 4 local NGOs that will have been identified during the evaluation during the preliminary phase of the project.
  • The THIMO (2 800 beneficiaries including 75% for ACTED) will be carried out in coordination with the Bangui City Council. To increase household livelihoods in the return areas, restore the operational capacity of economic and social infrastructure and strengthen social cohesion, ACTED and Bangui City Council will rehabilitate economic and social infrastructure.

Current projects

Emergency preventive response for vulnerable displaced, returnee and host households in South-East and North-East of CAR against Covid-19 pandemic

Building Resilient and Integrated Communities (BRIC)- An integrated emergency assistance to conflict-affected returnees, host communities, and IDPs in the ‘humanitarian deserts’

Emergency response in food security and shelter/ NFI and prevention to the spread of COVID19 for IDPs, returnees and host communities in Zemio

Emergency support in water, hygiene and sanitation for vulnerable populations in Bangui in the face of Covid-19

Urgent response in water, hygiene and sanitation to support women, girls, boys and men affected by conflict and malnutrition in Mbomou and Lower Kotto

Emergency food security response to the most vulnerable displaced, returnee and host households in Lower Kotto and Rafai

Direct distribution of vegetable seeds and agricultural tools

Relaunch of a vocational training centre in Bria

Emergency food security support for vulnerable populations in Haut-Mbomou affected by population movements

Co-animation du groupe sécurité alimentaire

Brigade d’Intervention Mobile : Restaurer l’accès humanitaire aux populations affectées par les crises dans la préfecture du Mbomou

Integrated emergency support in WASH, shelter and NFI for returnees from Zémio and co-facilitation of the education cluster

Education Cannot Wait Facilitated Multi-Year Resilience Programme 2019 – 2021

REACH Initiative: Strengthening needs assessment to support coordination and humanitarian response in the Central African Republic

Service of an implementing partner for the implementation of the reintegration of ex-combatants (PREC) in the prefectures of Ouham Pendé (Koui), Mambere (Bouar), Vakaga (Birao) and Haute Kotto (Bria) in CAR

Rapid Response Mechanism 8 in CAR

Back Home – Supporting the return of vulnerable IDPs through integrated support after widespread destruction

Appui intégré au développement des filières agropastorales porteuses pour la croissance et l’emploi (AID-FAPCE)

Integrated support for the development of agro-pastoral sectors that are conducive to growth and employment (AID-FAPCE)

Emergency food distribution for cross border refugees, IDPs and host populations along the Mbomou and Ubangi Rivers

Supporting and sustaining returns to Bangui

Emergency support to high malnutrition localities in Mbomou

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