Humanitarian Situation and Needs Monitoring in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger

July 2019
June 2020

This 12-month project aims to fill cross-border gaps in information and data on humanitarian needs in the “three borders” region (Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso) by 1) conducting an analysis of secondary data and installing key informants on the humanitarian situation, 2) conducting a pilot monitoring of the humanitarian situation in each country, 3) monitoring conditions and needs in these regions over a six-month period, and 4) combining the data collected to obtain a regional overview of needs and trends. The entire humanitarian community in the 3 borders area will benefit from the project.

Current projects

Support for FIPA, Primary Health Care, ComHA Empowerment and Emergency Response Mechanism (ERM)

Mixed migration platform : safety, support and solutions – Phase 2

Indepedent monitoring and rapid research and evidence of DFID’s Safety Support and Solutions Phase 2 (SSSII) Programme (implementation phase

Humanitarian Situation and Needs Monitoring in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger

Alliance for Community Resilience

Response to the nutritional crisis in the Mopti region of Mali through an integrated WASH and Nutrition intervention to sustainably reduce mortality and morbidity due to acute malnutrition

Soutien aux Soins de santé Primaire, à la PCIMA et au mécanisme de réponse d’urgence (RRM)

Amélioration de la santé des mères, des nouveaux nés et des enfants

Strengthening community resilience through an integrated and multi-sectorial intervention in conflict-affected regions of Menaka and Gao

Rural roads rehabilitation in Gao

Strengthening resilience to food and nutrition insecurity

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