Strengthening Networks and Capacities for Youth Income Generation and Diversification through Sustainable Woodcraft Value Chains and Connections with Tourism Sector

Kyrgyzstan Inclusive Economic Opportunities
March 2021
September 2022

This 18-month project aims to contribute to the creation of new income opportunities and income diversification among youth in Jalal Abad - while improving their understanding of local forest ecosystems - by strengthening sustainable, market-oriented collaboration among and between local youth woodcraft networks in Arstanbab Aiyl Aimak (AA) and the local and national tourism networks. The project, which will implemented by ACTED and IDEA Central Asia, will support the existing local network of young handicraft artisans in Arstanbab, who are working with wood to produce souvenirs for tourists but struggle to connect with CBT and other tourism players to effectively market their products.

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