Shelter Reconstruction Assessment

Libya Humanitarian Action
December 2021
May 2022

This 6 month project will encompass data collection in 4 locations in the West (Abu Selim, Tawerga) and the East (Benghazi, Derna), with the objective to provide up-to-date information on practices and processes of reconstruction among the Libyan population (displaced and non-displaced) whose accommodation sustained damage during the armed conflict, in order to support and inform the humanitarian response in Libya. More specifically, the project has the objective to identify key factors enabling or hindering housing reconstruction among households whose accommodation sustained damage during the armed conflict; gather information about local processes and practices of reconstruction used by the targeted population; gain knowledge about potential impacts of reconstruction on households in terms of general health and protection status; identify the groups most in need of assistance and the potential areas of intervention for an effective humanitarian response. The direct beneficiaries of this project will be the Shelter and NFI Sector and its partners (6 organizations). The indirect beneficiaries are the 397,000 persons found to have shelter and NFI needs, according to the 2022 Libya HNO.

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