Shelter and Winterization Support to the Emergency Shelter and non-Food Items (ES/NFI) Cluster – REACH Initiative

Afghanistan Humanitarian Action
April 2020
March 2021

This 9-month project will contribute towards the development of a comprehensive and evidence-based strategy for the ES/NFI Cluster in Afghanistan, through the implementation of the following activities: (1) An Evaluation of the effectiveness of the winterization response, including modalities, aid given, and satisfaction of beneficiaries to determine the effectiveness, relevance, efficiency, impact, and sustainability of the winterization response though a multi-dimensional assessment that covers household, community, organizational/institutional and macro-level concerns; with addressing key winterization gaps and improving their overall situation during the 2019/2020 winter. (2) An in-depth study of local shelter types, materials, and construction, and the level of integration of humanitarian a government shelter response in linking with local shelter repair and resilience strategies.

Current projects

Provision of humanitarian WASH response and durable solutions to vulnerable people in humanitarian need

Hiring FP for Facilitation and verification of Covid-10 Emergency Relief Food Package Delivery among communities in Badghis

Hiring Facilitating Partner EZ-KAR, Package#2 (Mehtarlam, Assabadad, Parun)

Hiring facilitating partner (FP) : Urban CCAP Second Additional Financing Expansion : Faizabad

Winterization assistance for vulnerable populations in Badakhshan and Ghor provinces

Eshteghal Zaiee – Karmondena Project (EZ-Kar), Facilitating Partner-EZ-KAR, Package # 4 (Taluqan)

Provision of transitional and emergency shelter and sanitation facilities, food and nutrition assistance to conflict and natural disaster affected communities in hard-to-reach areas, whilst increasing evidence based humanitarian programming in Afghanistan

Safeguarding Agriculture- Livelihoods and rebuilding near-term resilience of drought-impacted vulnerable and food insecure households in Badakhshan Province

Continuing access to education for crisis-affected children in Faryab province of Afghanistan

Shelter and Winterization Support to the Emergency Shelter and non-Food Items (ES/NFI) Cluster – REACH Initiative

Accelerating ending open defecation in Afghanistan, Aqcha, Jawzjan provin

Supporting vulnerable girls and boys regain access to education due to Covid-19 related school closures in Jawzjan, Afghanistan

District Development Fund

Sustained Rural Development Programme (SRDP) Phase IV

Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project in Faryab and Badghis