Safeguarding women’s essential dignity, self-respect and rights through capacity-building and income generating opportunities in the menstrual hygiene sector

Lebanon Inclusive Economic Opportunities
July 2022
March 2022

In the framework of the proposed action, two manufacturing entities from vulnerable neighborhoods of Beirut and Saida will be supported to establish new production lines for menstrual hygiene products, receiving capacity-building in business management, cash grant/in-kind support, and mentoring from a technical expert, in addition to the scale up of support to the already established Tripoli manufacturing line. 20 women for each of the entities will engage in technical training and financial literacy to operate and maintain the production facilities, receiving cash-for-work to support starting up the production. In addition, 240 women (100 per new entity; 40 for Tripoli) employed or recruited by the manufacturing entities will be trained on sales, marketing, communication and advocacy, receiving cash-for-work for creating sustainable distribution networks for the menstrual hygiene products in their communities. A pilot model will run in parallel, with a pool of 45 independent women sellers (15 per entity) who will be able to buy directly from the manufacturing entity and sell products in their communities. Finally, peer-to-peer groups or awareness sessions will be organized with 12, 500 adolescent girls and adult women across both project locations to raise awareness on menstrual hygiene and health, puberty, sexual and reproductive health, and GBV services available, during the demonstration and distributions of the products; 12,000 of them will receive free samples and 500 of them 2 free boxes of pads.

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