Réponse aux besoins alimentaires et prévention de la malnutrition des populations vulnérables dans la commune de Kablewa, région de Diffa, Niger

Niger Humanitarian Action
January 2021
December 2021

This project plans to respond to the food and nutritional needs of 12,068 vulnerable people in the commune of Kablewa through the organization of free and targeted food distributions (FGD). In parallel, ACTED will carry out supplementary food distributions to prevent malnutrition among children aged 6 to 23 months. Finally, the project foresees a contingency capacity to respond to the needs of the displaced populations in the framework of the RRM response in the commune of Kablewa.

Current projects

Meeting the food needs and preventing malnutrition of vulnerable populations in the commune of Kablewa, Diffa region, Niger

Integrated project to support the resilience of vulnerable populations of refugees, displaced, returnees and hosts in the Diffa region