Répondre aux besoins vitaux, notamment en eau, hygiène et assainissement, des populations affectées par la guerre en Syrie déplacées en Irak, dans les camps de Bardarash et Gawilan

Iraq Humanitarian Action
February 2021
February 2022

The 12-months grant will enable to support the post-emergency response to Syrian refugee from the North-East of Syria who fled the Turkish offensive in October 2019. Through this intervention, ACTED will provide a 4-components WASH assistance in the Sector F of Gawilan Camp: 1) desludging of septic tanks, 2) garbage collection, 3) small-scale care and maintenance works and 4) hygiene promotion to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Overall, 185 families, being 876 (as of February 2020) will benefit from these actions.

Current projects

Meet the vital needs, particularly in terms of water, hygiene and sanitation, of the populations affected by the war in Syria and displaced in Iraq, in the Bardarash and Gawilan camps.

Facilitating economic recovery through the provision of sustainable livelihood opportunities in Sheikhan district, Ninewa governorate

Fiscal and Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on Iraq’s Vulnerable Populations

Provision of integrated multi-sectoral response for vulnerable populations living in informal sites in Iraq

Meeting the vital needs of the displaced Syrian population in Iraq

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings

Promote Resilience, Environmental Sustainability, Empowerement of Rural Vulnerable Areas through inclusive opportunity in Iraq

Assessment and information management support to UNHCR: IDPs and refugees residing in and out of formal camps, Iraq

Camp Coordination and Camp Management in Salamiyah camp and support to voluntary returns in Ninewa governorate

Child protection services for Syrian, non-Syrian refugees and asylum seekers from other nationalities in camps and out of camp locations, Duhok Governorate

Supporting the care and maintenance of IDP camp infrastructure in Dohuk Governorate

Emergency appeal Syria and Iraq

Meeting the vital needs of populations affected by the war in north-eastern Syria and displaced in Iraq

Providing a multi-sectoral area-based humanitarian response to vulnerable populations in Ninewa governorate, Iraq

Création d’un espace culturel francophone au sein de l’université de Mossoul

Supporting resilience for host communities, returnees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq

Support improved provision of basic social and health services through local capacity building in Lebanon and Iraqi Kurdistan

Child protection services for refugees in Iraq

Improving Communication with Refugee Communities

Improving communication with the IDP communities in Iraq

Cash Assistance for IDPs