Provision of integrated humanitarian assistance, including WASH, Education, and child protection services to the most vulnerable populations including extremely vulnerable children (and their families) in NR

Afghanistan Inclusive Economic Opportunities
July 2022
July 2023

This 12-months project is expected to cover 9 provinces of Northern (NW and NE) Afghanistan through the provision of WASH infrastructures and facilities to improve the use of safe drinking water and access to education, and improve hygiene practices. Through the Education package, ACTED will target 70,000 children in urban settlements that will be enrolled in public schools through the rehabilitation of 140 hub-schools, child-friendly spaces construction, and enrollment in Youth Development centers and Vocational training Centers. In the 140 targeted schools, ACTED will also provide child protection services for extremely vulnerable children, especially through the establishment of referral pathways to Protection providers and Psychological support.
Finally, women and girls will be targeted through the scaling up of Women and Girls Safe Spaces in partnership with women-led organization for empowerment of women.

ACTED expects to reach a total average of 35,000 individuals through this intervention, some of them benefiting from several components.

Current projects

Provision of humanitarian WASH response and durable solutions to vulnerable people in humanitarian need

Hiring Facilitating Partner EZ-KAR, Package#2 (Mehtarlam, Assabadad, Parun)

Hiring facilitating partner (FP) : Urban CCAP Second Additional Financing Expansion : Faizabad

Eshteghal Zaiee – Karmondena Project (EZ-Kar), Facilitating Partner-EZ-KAR, Package # 4 (Taluqan)

District Development Fund