Providing life-saving and sustainable WASH services to underserved IDP communities in Bardera

Somalia Humanitarian Action
April 2020
April 2021

IDP communities in Bardera face cyclical scarcity to safe and sufficient water due to abnormal dryness and floods. At this critical moment, vulnerable communities rely on unsafe water for drinking and domestic use, leading to increased health risks and poor living standards. Floods further undermine the sanitation services available in Bardera. During the most recent floods in October 2019, 90 percent of latrines were non-functional due to the floods leading to high rates of open defecation and increased incidences of water-borne diseases. To reverse the negative impact of recent natural hazards and increase the resilience of Bardera IDP communities, a sustainable WASH intervention capable of withstanding these shocks and improving living standards is vital.

ACTED will respond to this compounded risk by implementing a market-based project in six largely underserved and high-WASH risk IDP sites in Bardera, including Bulo Ceesan, Bulo Garass, Liban, Xabalcadey, Horseed and Kulmiya IDP sites, and will serve 2634 households (15804 individuals). To ensure the sustainability of this action, ACTED will collaborate with the private sector to extend existing water networks to these communities and where necessary construct new water assets. Moreover, ACTED will construct flood-resistant and gender-sensitive latrines to ensure year-round use as well as the distribution of WASH vouchers, establishment of WASH Management Committees and hygiene sensitization sessions. The full suite of activities aims to meet both the acute and long-term needs of the vulnerable IDP communities, whilst establishing relationships with the private sector for continued maintenance and operation of these assets.

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