South Sudan

Protection, assistance and solutions to IDPs and returnees in Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan

South Sudan Humanitarian Action
January 2022
December 2022

Through this project, ACTED aim to provide protection, assistance and solutions to 88,103 IDPs and 43,460 refugee returnees in Easter Equatoria State. However, indirectly the activities under this project will benefit all the populations in the areas targeted. ACTED will provide protection monitoring and support to spontaneous refugee returns though border monitoring alongside the border with Uganda and Kenya and sharing the vital information with humanitarian actors to inform programing. ACTED will also deliver protection services, improve the living conditions of the communities and contribute towards peacebuilding efforts in three high return areas in Magwi, Torit and Kapoeta counties. ACTED will contribute to addressing the needs of IDPs and refugees returning to their homes, as well as the communities, through activities which foster social cohesion and peaceful co-existence along with information led solutions.

Current projects

Complementary Action for Resilience Building in South Sudan (CARB)

GFD in-kind, CBT and BSFP in Bor town and Bor PoC

GFD in Kaya and Gendrassa Refugee Camps and School Feeding in Maban County (Upper Nile State)

General Food Distribution and Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme in Western Bahr El Ghazal States

General Distribution through CBT in Lake States

REACH Market Price and Supply Chain Monitoring

Sustainable WASH for Resilience

Sustainable WASH for Resilience

Reconstruction & strengthening of productive infrastructure & value chains across a displacement-affected region in SSD

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings