Democratic Republic of the Congo

High Priority Road Re-opening Project (Pro-Roads)

Democratic Republic of the Congo Civil society and effective governance
January 2019
June 2020

This 12-month project aims to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation and abuse and other forms of GBV on the targeted axes as part of the activities of the High Priority Roads Reopening Project (Pro-Routes) through the establishment of an operational and coordinated prevention and response mechanism for GBV that includes awareness sessions and training with a community approach to reduce the risk of GBV on the targeted axis, support for the functioning of the complaint management mechanism related to GBV and the direct management and/or referral of survivors of GBV; as well as support for the economic reintegration of EAS and GBV survivors.

Current projects

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings

Strategic Assistance for Emergency Response (SAFER)

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Assistance and Protection to Central African Refugees in North Ubangui and Bas Uele

Shelter response for crisis-affected populations in the Yumbi health zone

Emergency multisectoral response in food assistance and non-food items to displaced and returnees in South Kivu and Maniema Provinces

Cash and food distributions and agricultural recovery programmes for the most vulnerable Central African refugees and host population in Bas-Uélé and North-Ubangi Provinces

Support for humanitarian coordination through the strengthening of the resources of the national food security and MEA/shelter clusters

Support for building the resilience capacities of the most vulnerable populations in Tanganyika and Upper Katanga provinces through a holistic multisectoral approach

High Priority Road Re-opening Project (Pro-Roads)

Emergency food distribution for cross border refugees, IDPs and host populations along the Mbomou and Ubangi Rivers

Strengthening dialogue between Congolese civil society organizations and improving internal governance

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