Projet d’amélioration des capacités de réponses des acteurs locaux aux crises soudaines, mitigation de leurs impacts sur les infrastructures d’approvisionnement d’eau et sanitaires et amélioration des pratiques d’hygiènes dans la communauté, dans le département de la Grand’Anse (Irois)

Haiti Humanitarian Action
July 2020
June 2021

In a context of severe exposure to natural disasters, limited access to basic Drinking Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (DWS) services and the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, this 12-month project aims to improve the crisis response capacities of local stakeholders, mitigate their impact on water supply and sanitation infrastructure and improve hygiene practices in the commune of Les Irois, Grand'Anse department. In particular, 227 people will have access to a water point for emergency shelter, 150 households will benefit from access to rehabilitated water points, and 420 students and teachers will benefit from improved EPAH infrastructure.

Current projects

Food assistance for the households most affected by food insecurity in areas classified as IPC3+, Communes of Roseau and Abricot

Project to improve the capacity of local actors to respond to sudden crises, mitigate their impact on water supply and sanitation infrastructures and improve hygiene practices in the community, in the department of Grand’Anse (Irois)

Reinforcing water management and access to drinking water in Thiotte (South-East Department)

Addressing the food and nutritional insecurity in Grand’Anse (Anse d’Hainault and Les Irois municipalities)