Occupied Palestinian Territory - OPT

Preservation of the physical and normative space for a two-state solution through the prevention of forcible transfer of Palestinian in the East Bank, including East Jerusalem

Occupied Palestinian Territory - OPT Humanitarian Action
January 2022
October 2022

The project will mitigate the vulnerability to forcible displacement of demolition-affected households by sustaining a systematic demolition response mechanism, allowing West Bank Protection Consortium’s partners to continue providing priority humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable Palestinian households of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. As Demolition Response leading agency, ACTED will provide emergency assistance to affected households following the demolition/confiscation of their residential, livelihood or WASH structures, thus ensuring that displaced populations are provide support that mitigates immediate harm and ensures adequate and safe temporary shelter solutions; protecting livelihoods of vulnerable households and the restoration of their resilience, food security and productive capacity and strengthening the WASH preparedness and response capacity to the unserved, underserved and most vulnerable Palestinians living under occupation in the West Bank, to reduce threats and to cope with emergencies and shocks.

Current projects

Strengthening community-based preparedness and emergency response in the Middle Area, Khan Younis and Rafah governorates