Partnership-Bactria Culture Center

Tajikistan Strengthening Institutions and Civil Society
April 2021
February 2021

The overall objective of this year’s project is to contribute to enhance organizational development and capacity building, reinforce and develop an effective communication strategy. As well as implementation existing programs including educational elements, in particular the Bob's Music Award and the Jazz Academy and preparation/planning of Dushanbe Ethno Jazz Festival 2021.
The overall objective of the partnership project for 3 years is to build capacities to reinforce and expand Bactria’s programme activities, within the general strategic objective to build capacities for and encourage artistic creation and appreciation in Tajikistan and Central Asia: Strengthen and develop Bactria's established and ongoing as well as new programmes; Strengthen Bactria role as a hub for regional cultural cooperation and a platform for creative experimentation, capacity building, expression and innovation and establish cooperation with organizations or individuals at the regional level; Continue to support and develop the outreach / work with young people, involving women in activities, continue to offer access to Bactria projects (cultural events, education, forum for implementing creative and educational ideas, etc.) for artists, musicians, designers and other creators from Tajikistan, including those from remote areas.

Current projects

Supporting vulnerable children and adolescents of the Villard Center

Central Asia Water, Environment and Climate Change Cooperation (WECOOP III)

Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy production in the community-based tourism sector in Central Asia

Silk Road CBT Initiative: Connecting Central Asia Community-Based Tourism and European Markets

Promotion of the French language and culture in Tajikistan 2020

Digital Arts Academy

Digital Arts Academy

Digital Arts Academy

Views from the Frontline 2019

Improving livelihoods and food security through sustainable Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Improving livelihoods and food security through sustainable Natural Resource Management

Partnership-Bactria Culture Center