Pakistan Heatwave 2022 season

Pakistan Humanitarian Action
May 2022
July 2022

The primary objective of the heatwave awareness and preparedness is to reduce the impact of potential effects of heatwave and will be done through raising an advance warning of the heatwave crisis, by disseminating specific guidance messages to mitigate the impact of heatwave and reduce the risk of the most vulnerable becoming sick or else dying. ACTED work with government authorities to ensure that anticipatory heatwave interventions are aligned in order to have the greatest impact. Moreover, ACTED will conduct awareness campaigns using local radio channels and other IEC material, banners and pamphlets at visible places in communities such as schools, basic health units, mosques and hotels. In addition to contributing to the interventions detailed above, ACTED will deploy community volunteers at Heatwave Response and Relief stands as part of response activities. Water tankers and spraying will also be carried out in public places to give communities heat relief and prevent dehydration.

Current projects

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National Water Resources Management – Phase II

National Water Resources Management – Phase II