Central African Republic

Organizing a community-based, solidarity-based and sustainable agriculture approach to fight poverty in the commune of Zangandou Mada Bazouma, Mbomou Prefecture – Phase II

Central African Republic Sustainable and inclusive growth
August 2022
August 2023

"This project aims to improve the living conditions of the rural populations of the Mbomou prefecture by increasing the performance of local agriculture, particularly the productivity of food crops.

The changes foreseen by the project aim to increase household incomes while reducing women's workload (improved child nutrition), improve relations between farmers and breeders (social cohesion) and reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment (notions of ecological transition, agroecology and agroforestry). The sustainable appropriation of these changes by the populations is foreseen through the establishment of governance modalities allowing the development of solid trusting relationships between the different parties involved."

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