National Water Resources Management – Phase II

December 2018
November 2022

The SDC funded NWRM Project Phase 2 seeks to fight poverty, especially for vulnerable women and men living in rural communities in Tajikistan Syr Darya Basin. It aims at improving their livelihoods from irrigated agriculture as a result of improved irrigation under the reform of water sector in Tajikistan, in line with the principles of basin and integrated water resources management. The project’s Impact Hypothesis is based on the assumption that the integrated water resources management in the Tajik Syr Darya Basin will lead to a more sustainable water use, protection and development that will result in improved irrigation efficiency and decreased risks of water related disasters, and finally improved rural livelihoods, especially for the vulnerable groups.

Current projects

Start Fund learning Grant – Alert 361 (earthquake)

Emergency support to vulnerable natural-calamity affected households in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Balochistan

Cash-Based Assistance to Improve both the Food Security and Livelihood Conditions of Vulnerable Drought Affected Communities in District Umerkot, Sindh’’

Increased employment opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged youth groups in Pakistan

Meeting the Emergency and Early Recovery Needs of Displaced Households to Support Sustainable Returns to FATA and Responding to life-saving needs of drought affected families in Umerkot, Sindh with nutrition-sensitive, multi-sector response activities.

Closing the gap: Educating marginalised girls in Sindh and FATA

National Water Resources Management – Phase II

National Water Resources Management – Phase II

CAWI Resilience Programme (CRP) – Implementation phase 2

Consortium for Natural Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery in Pakistan

Adolescent and Adult Learning and Training Program

Market and employment for peace and stability

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