Multi-sectorial support to refugees and IDPs in Iraq (REACH)

Iraq Humanitarian Action
January 2022
December 2022

IMPACT will contribute to support the improvement of service delivery and ensure accountability to targeted PoCs through the continuation of PDM activities for the UNHCR-provided assistance nationwide.

IMPACT will also build on years of data collected through the UNHCR-funded Multi-Sector Needs Assessment (MSNA) to provide a picture of the changes in needs for these populations over time. IMPACT via REACH will conduct Area-Based Assessments (ABAs) to better inform humanitarian actors on multi-sectoral needs, access to critical infrastructure and program/service gaps at localized levels, to support more effective, contextualized responses, including those aimed at supporting durable solutions.

Current projects

Improving access to skills-development and engagement opportunities for vulnerable young people in Dohuk Governorate, Iraq
Supporting Vulnerable, Conflict-Affected Populations with Evidence-Based Water Scarcity Response Mechanisms, Through Improved Monitoring, Prediction and Community Action in Iraq
Provision of Emergency WASH Assistance for Vulnerable Syrian refugees in Gawilan camp, Iraq
Engaging minorities in climate-smart animal feed production to support their family businesses in Ninewa Governorate, Iraq
Providing Situational Assessment and Trend Analysis of Conflict Affected Populations in Iraq
Multi-sectorial support to refugees and IDPs in Iraq (REACH)
Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings