Multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance for conflict-affected populations in Ukraine

Ukraine Humanitarian Action
December 2022
May 2023

This donation from the Fondation Chanel will provide a flexible support to ACTED’s multi-sectoral humanitarian response in Ukraine following the invasion by the Russian federation on 24th February, 2022. The priorities identified for the use of the donation are (a) in-kind support to households and communities for access to basic utilities, (b) emergency shelter and water infrastructure repairs for access to basic services and (c) support to the piloting of the RRM (in-kind assistance, support to local partners, etc.)

Current projects

Returnees and Refugees Longitudinal Survey
Returnees and Refugees Longitudinal Survey
Multi-sectoral rapid response assistance to conflict-affected communities in frontline and newly accessible areas in Eastern and Southern Ukraine
Technical and material support to local organizations and volunteer groups in Ukraine
Improve conditions in collective sites and support coordination through monitoring and site management
Multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance for conflict-affected populations in Ukraine
Provision of winterization assistance to conflict-affected populations in Ukraine and Romania
Provision of information management to facilitate evidence-based planning and programming to humanitarian actors and local authorities in Romania, Poland and along the transit route to Western Europe
Reinforcing Civil Protection and Preparedness for Conflict Escalation in Ukraine
Addressing the immediate multi-sectoral humanitarian needs of IDPs and conflict-affected populations inside Ukraine
Responding to the multi-sectoral humanitarian needs of directly conflict-affected and displaced populations
Informing the humanitarian response to the Ukrainian crisis