Multi-Purpose cash assistance for the most vulnerable households in Yemen

Yemen Humanitarian Action
September 2021
August 2022

The 12 months project, under the Cash Consortium of Yemen (CCY) with DRC as grant leader, aims to meet the critical basic needs of vulnerable conflict-affected households (HHs). Through multipurpose cash-based assistance (MPCA).

The project will reach a total of 1,432 HHs in in Al Dhale and Taizz districts. The MPCA is designed to allow displaced people with extremely limited economic resources to meet their basic needs in a sustainable and dignified manner while reducing their reliance on negative coping mechanisms.

Current projects

Cash Consortium of Yemen (CCY) Harmonized Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance to Meet Critical Basic Needs Among Vulnerable Households

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Comprehensive Emergency Response to Communities Affected by Displacement, Health and Environmental Shocks in Yemen

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