Meeting the Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) needs of displaced and host populations in the Northern Region

Nigeria Zero Poverty
January 2020
July 2020

In the framework of this 6-month project, ACTED wishes to reinforce the rapid response capacities in EHA in the North region, Yatenga and Loroum provinces, in coordination with the other intervention actors. The project will focus on the communes impacted by population displacements and will propose a distribution capacity of hygiene and MRE kits for the most vulnerable people as well as the construction and rehabilitation of WASH infrastructures (post amendment: +70 additional latrines, i.e. a total of 90 latrines) in public establishments impacted by displacements and displacement sites. In a second phase, and while continuing to provide a rapid response capacity, ACTED will accentuate the participatory approach by including more trainings but also responsibilities to water point management committees and community relays. Emphasis will also be placed on social cohesion and resource management issues within a mixed community of host and displaced populations.
Following a rider and in response to the COVID 19 epidemic, soaps will be distributed for 3 months to 800 households; hygiene awareness is reinforced through 225 community relays and 10 water point committees; water trucking & mass awareness campaign activities are discontinued.

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Meeting the Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) needs of displaced and host populations in the Northern Region

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