Market and Employment for Peace and Stability

Pakistan Sustainable and inclusive growth
January 2017
December 2021

The project "Market and Employment for Peace and Stability" is being implemented by a consortium led by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation with partners ACTED and Plan International in Charsadda, Mohmand, and Bajaur in North-West Pakistan. T

he project will target 4,000 individuals as direct beneficiaries and 10,000 individuals as indirect beneficiaries.  The program outcomes include women and men from vulnerable groups (youth, women headed households and widows, disabled, conflict affected, displaced persons and host communities) enter into gainful employment; entrepreneurs / SMEs are strengthened to use business opportunities for job creation and income generation; and the market environment is conducive to inclusive business growth.

Current projects

Cash Assistance and Restoration of Livelihoods in Sindh Province, Pakistan

Unconditional Cash Assistance under WFP’s COVID-19 response in Sindh districts Badin, and Jamshoro

Improving National Capacity to Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic in Pakistan (Cap-COVID)

Increased employment opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged youth groups in Pakistan

Closing the gap: Educating marginalised girls in Sindh and FATA

National Water Resources Management – Phase II

National Water Resources Management – Phase II

Market and employment for peace and stability