Libya Equal Access and Development for Recovery (LEAD for Recovery) // Lot 2

Libya Access to Basic Services
September 2020
August 2021

This one year project is implemented in consortium with IRC and PUI. It is designed to address the combination of insufficient offer of health services, low demand, and access barriers by offering a three-pronged approach, with the overarching aim of fostering recovery and stability by creating a culture of inclusiveness in the supported health facilities in Benghazi and Ajdabiya. The direct beneficiaries of the action will be 20 service providers and local stakeholders, 30 health facility staff trained, 24 community mobilisers, 12,960 local community members and 26 key community members, service providers and health staff reached through awareness raising sessions.

Current projects

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Libya Equal Access and Development for Recovery (LEAD for Recovery) // Lot 2

Restoring access to safe and quality education and supporting evidence-based and coordinated humanitarian assistance in Libya

Strengthening Humanitarian Coordination And Access To Safe And Dignified Protection In Libya

Assistance to Vulnerable Population in Libya through Cash, QIPs and other interventions

EU for Civil Society in Libya (CIL)

Improved access of children to safe and inclusive learning environments through Bayti Child Resilience Centers

Responding to the escalading needs in Lahj through unconditional multi-purpose cash transfers