Increasing the resilience of vulnerable populations in Yemen towards health risks through sustainable WaSH (R-WaSH)

Yemen Humanitarian Action
May 2022
July 2022

REACH, to conduct localized infrastructure status survey and mapping of existing rural water supplies in four districts on the west coast of Yemen (3 month project). This study will focus on rural community water supplies operated by Water Management Committees (WMC) or Water User Associations (WUA); privately owned wells serving communities - or those owned jointly by private owners and communities under an MOU model; and public water supplies operated by LWSC. The objective of the water supply infrastructure survey and mapping exercise is to establish an inventory of existing rural and public/institutional water supplies in areas targeted for intervention by Solidarites the four districts of West Coast of Yemen. Over the described period, SI and REACH will develop, test and launch an interactive, georeferenced water supply database, which will ensure that the data is available to YWC partners to inform a more efficient needs identification and WASH programming.

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Promoting resilience and social cohesion through an integrated response to vulnerable communities in Yemen