Improving access to skills-development and engagement opportunities for vulnerable young people in Dohuk Governorate, Iraq

Iraq Sustainable and inclusive growth
August 2022
May 2023

For this intervention in Dohuk governorate through General Directorate of Youth, and UNICEF-ACTED, the targeted young people from the host community and forcibly displaced people will be provided with opportunities to access to required life skills courses to acquire transferrable and entrepreneurship skills to make smooth transition from learning to earning. 16 youth-led initiatives will be funded through this project, which would be developed for the purpose of selecting and funding engagement initiatives. The structured life skills courses will happen through using UNICEF developed LSCE curriculum to project young people with skills around active citizenship, employability, personal empowerment and learn to build business. The project will be supporting young people to design and implement engagement initiatives on various topics that affect them and their community to become part of solution to address them. In addition, The established innovation lab is going to support trained young people to polish their skills to become entrepreneurs and establish strong link with labor market. The designed engagement initiatives will be expanded through creating peer to peer education networks composed of young people among IDPs and host communities respectively. Moreover, ACTED aims at supporting the creation of a Youth Advisory Group that will support initiatives led by young people, and their engagement within advocacy and decision making, implementation of boot camp on various topics related to climate change, gender and protection.

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