Improvement of Green Infrastructures in Jordan through Labor-Intensive Measures (CfWGI)

Jordan Sustainable and inclusive growth
September 2019
August 2021

This 7-months project will improve the living conditions and livelihoods of vulnerable Jordanians and Syrian refugees in East Amman. To address social cohesion and infrastructure challenges caused by the large number of Syrian refugees residing in Amman governorate, ACTED will rehabilitate three public spaces in East Amman with green infrastructure. The rehabilitation work will be implemented through labour intensive measures by 126 Syrian refugees and Jordanians through the cash for work approach. Moreover, for a more sustainable impact, the 63 Syrians and 63 Jordanians will receive certified technical skills and soft skills training, followed by job-matching. Finally, approximately 8,000 individuals will benefit from the intervention through increased access to green spaces in East Amman.

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Improvement of Green Infrastructures in Jordan through Labor-Intensive Measures (CfWGI)