Harmonised MEAL and Complaints and Feedback Mechanism for the drought response

Kenya Humanitarian Action
June 2022
December 2022

The AHN Secretariat through ACTED will undertake a harmonized and independent Complaints, Feedback, and Response Mechanism (CRFM) to provide safe and confidential channels for reporting of coercion, corruption and/or abuse. To do so, AHN will have the support of ACTED’s Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (AMEU) for the management of the CRFM. The latter will provide accountability monitors that form part of an independent platform for beneficiaries to provide feedback on the project and raise complaints on implementation at any stage throughout the project cycle. The CRFM will be provide support to beneficiaries implementing cash transfers and WASH assistance in Wajir County.

Current projects

Integrated Capacity for Recovery and Early Action in Emergencies for Drought Affected Communities in ASAL Counties (I-CREATE) 24 EES 93A