Food Assistance in North Kanem

Chad Emergencies and disaster resilience
August 2019
July 2020

This 12-month project aims to contribute to improving the food situation and resilience of the most vulnerable people in Kanem province. More specifically, the project aims to provide food assistance to 2,300 vulnerable households in the department of North Kanem. At the same time, ACTED will contribute to the creation of 5 market gardening groups and the revitalization of 5 spirulina production groups, an activity that will benefit 200 households receiving food assistance.

Current projects

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the North Kanem Department in Chad

Supporting food, nutrition and livelihood security of vulnerable people

Food Assistance in North Kanem

Food assistance to displaced populations in Bol

Supporting the rehabilitation of 11 health centres supported by ALIMA/Alerte Santé in Wayi, Lake Chad province

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