Evidence-Based Programming for Humanitarian Actors in Yemen

Yemen Humanitarian Action
February 2021
May 2022

REACH will enhance the evidence base underpinning the humanitarian response in Yemen. REACH will achieve this goal by increasing the availability of accessible and transparent data as well as thematic, and inter-sectoral analyses for Yemen and by strengthening data collection, information management, and analysis capacities among humanitarian actors in Yemen.

REACH will provide 70 humanitarian organisations with high quality, objective information on the conditions, needs and intentions of the populations they are working with, allowing humanitarian actors to provide support that is more efficacious and efficient, creating better outcomes and more information-based humanitarian implementation.

Humanitarian actors will further be able to provide paths to recovery for conflict-affected populations in Yemen, so that they are less dependent on humanitarian aid. Of these 70 organizations, REACH estimates that 40 will directly contribute to the information products developed by REACH in this 16-month project.

Current projects

Evidence-Based Programming for Humanitarian Actors in Yemen

Promoting resilience and social cohesion through an integrated response to vulnerable communities in Yemen