Evidence-based planning and programming for humanitarian actors in Syria

Lebanon Emergencies and disaster resilience
February 2019
February 2020

This one year project, led by the ACTED joint initiative – REACH, and managed by IMPACT, will provide ‘evidence-based planning and programming for humanitarian actors in Syria’ through the following activities: multi-sector monthly updates, support to the Northeast Syria (NES) response (including area based assessments, camp mapping and situation overviews), Thematic assessments/trend analysis, Rapid Needs Assessments, and support to clusters and coordinated data collection exercises. The project is focused on the Whole of Syria and does not have targeted beneficiaries, but rather informs 100 strategic and operational organisations and cluster leads across the region who receive monthly outputs produced by REACH.

Current projects

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Participation in Lebanon (Bekaa Lebanon Governorate

Resilient Education: Educational infrastructure and services for the communities of Beirut and Mount Lebanon

Evidence-based planning and programming for humanitarian actors in Syria

Public Authority and Legitimacy Making (PALM) – host-refugee relations in urban Jordan and Lebanon

Sustainable drinking water supply for vulnerable communities

Support improved provision of basic social and health services through local capacity building in Lebanon and Iraqi Kurdistan

Providing Lebanese and Jordanian communities hosting Syrian refugees with improved WASH infrastructure and facilities at community, institution, and household level

Provide Lebanese and Jordanian communities with improved water, hygiene and sanitation infrastructure and facilities

Towards an active participation of civil society in the reform process

Social Protection and Economic Inclusion Programme

Support to the North Lebanon Water Establishment in improving water supply in target municipalities of Akhar district

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