EU for Civil Society in Libya (CIL)

Libya Strengthening Institutions and Civil Society
December 2019
December 2022

The EU for Civil Society in Libya project is implemented over 36 months across Libya, with main offices in Tripoli and Benghazi. ACTED implements it in partnership with British Council (lead) and CILG-VNG International (sub-contractor) as the 3rd phase of its ‘Civil Initiatives Libya’ project. The global objective is to strengthen democratic governance, accountability, and local development in Libya by empowering civil society actors to participate in decision-making processes. It will be reached by improving the technical capacities, the effectiveness and the accountability of Libyan CSOs, and by increasing awareness among citizens, local authorities, and policymakers of CSOs’ role as partners in local development, planning, delivery, and monitoring. The direct beneficiaries are Libyan CSOs, Libyan local institutions, authorities and municipalities, and people with influence, as well as public and private service providers.

Current projects

Restoring access to safe and quality education and supporting evidence-based and coordinated humanitarian assistance in Libya

Strengthening Humanitarian Coordination And Access To Safe And Dignified Protection In Libya

Assistance to Vulnerable Population in Libya through Cash, QIPs and other interventions

EU for Civil Society in Libya (CIL)

Improved access of children to safe and inclusive learning environments through Bayti Child Resilience Centers

Responding to the escalading needs in Lahj through unconditional multi-purpose cash transfers

Support to the humanitarian community in delivering a coordinated and evidence-based response in Libya

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