Emergency Appeal for Ukraine

Ukraine Humanitarian Action
April 2022
December 2022

As per the attached factsheet, the eligible activities are flexible and should be based on internal discussions at field level and immediate needs. The eligible activities are the following ones:
i)Provide support in WASH (distribution of hygiene kits and rehabilitation of key water infrastructure); ii)Distributing food baskets or hot meals, non-food items including blankets, hygiene kits at the borders on the Ukrainian and Polish side; iii) Provide multi-purpose monetary support based on the lists provided by the Ministry of Social Protection of Ukraine; iv)Provide self-help group grants throughout Ukraine; v)Provide psychological support services; vi)Ensure legal protection of highly vulnerable people; vii)Train local actors in crisis management; and viii)Promote humanitarian coordination and information management.

Current projects

Provision of winterization assistance to conflict-affected populations in Ukraine and Romania

Conduct primary data collection and analysis to identify the impact of war across population groups and geographic areas

Emergency support for the Ukrainian population

Provision of information management to facilitate evidence-based planning and programming to humanitarian actors and local authorities in Romania, Poland and along the transit route to Western Europe

Ideas Box Partnership

Installation of a water cleaning system in Mykolaiv, in Ukraine

Reinforcing Civil Protection and Preparedness for Conflict Escalation in Ukraine

Strengthening Civil Protection and Emergency Response Capacity in Ukraine

Addressing the immediate multi-sectoral humanitarian needs of IDPs and conflict-affected populations inside Ukraine

Responding to the multi-sectoral humanitarian needs of directly conflict-affected and displaced populations

Humanitarian assistance to besieged cities and IDP-hosting locations inside Ukraine

Improve living conditions in collective sites and support coordination through IDPs situation monitoring and operational site management support activities

Informing humanitarian response and preparing reconstruction

Support to 10 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) centers in Dnipropetrovsk oblast, Ukraine

Emergency Multi-Purpose Assistance to conflict-affected individuals inside Ukraine

Immediate multi-sectorial humanitarian relief to IDPs and conflict-affected populations in Ukraine

Informing effective humanitarian action for the Ukraine response through provision of assessment, information management and geospatial analysis capacities

Cash and food for IDPs in Ukraine

Assistance to conflict-affected displaced persons in Western/Central Ukraine through MPC,

Emergency Appeal for Ukraine

Informing the humanitarian response to the Ukrainian crisis

Ukraine emergency humanitarian response

ACCESS VI: Provision of multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance to conflict-affected populations in Ukraine and Moldova

Provide rapid, flexible assistance to address the emergency needs of conflict-affected populations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries

Ukraine Emergency Response