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Eau Hygiène et Assainissement au Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso Social Cohesion
March 2020
March 2021

This project (12/03/2020 - 30/06/2021) implemented in the Northern Region and the provinces of Yatenga and Loroum, aims to improve water supply and sanitation infrastructure, with access to hygiene promotion through the implementation of the following activities :
1. Rehabilitation/construction of latrines in public buildings (schools) ;
2. Organize sessions for the distribution of hygiene kits and hygiene awareness.

Current projects

Community Rapid Response in the North and Center-North Regions of Burkina Faso

Support conflict-affected communities the most in need in and out of formal and informal displacement settings through coordination and delivery of essential, life-saving services

Addressing food insecurity for vulnerable conflict-affected populations in region Nord of Burkina Faso

Sanitation Access Operation in Burkina Faso – Project to rehabilitate and build 9 community latrines for 62 schools and 32 public institutions

Program for the implementation of the integrated assistance program activity, including food assistance and the provision of specialized nutritious food to internally displaced persons, children, pregnant and lactating women, and host households.

Coordinated action for multi-sectoral programming in and out of camps

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings

Hygiene and Sanitation Assistance for Displaced Populations and Host Populations Affected by the Security Crisis in the Provinces of Loroum and Yatenga, Northern Region

Water Hygiene and Sanitation in Burkina Faso