Distribution of non-food items in the regions of Tillabéri, Tahoua, Diffa and Maradi as part of the RRM

Niger Humanitarian Action
July 2022
December 2022

This project is part of the RRM project, which aims at providing an emergency response to IDPs in terms of BNA, WASH and Protection in the regions of Tillabéri, Tahoua, Diffa and Maradi in Niger. As the logistical lead, ACTED is responsible for the reception and storage of the BNA kits for the entire Consortium. A contract has been signed with UNICEF for the supply in kind of 8,100 BNA kits, 1,485,000 Pure, 1,485 Aquatabs and 1,000 baby kits that will allow for an emergency response to displaced households under three months of age following a shock. These kits will be distributed by the RRM Consortium in Niger.

Current projects

Multi-Sectoral emergency response to populations affected by food insecurity and conflict in the regions of Tillaberi and Diffa, and support to humanitarian information services in Niger.