Digital Arts Academy

Tajikistan Civil society and effective governance
February 2019
November 2020

‘Digital Arts Academy’ is a two-year project funded by UNESCO as part of the new global initiative ‘U40 Empowered’, supported by Sabrina Ho, which expands the actions of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity by promoting young female cultural entrepreneurs in the digital creative industries. The project started in early March 2019, and will run until November 2020. Bactria Cultural Centre, in partnership with ACTED Afghanistan, will select 12 female entrepreneurs from Afghanistan and Tajikistan in both 2019 and 2020 to join the Digital Arts Academy. The Academy will begin with remote and on-site training in coding, digital creation (graphic and web design, video editing, animation, etc.) and entrepreneurship. Graduates will be offered paid internships in partner institutions to learn their respective trades and hone their skills while innovation will be encouraged by a grants mechanism. Graduates will also join an Alumni Network where they will connect with peers, start-ups, incubators, and other interested parties.

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Digital Arts Academy

Digital Arts Academy

Digital Arts Academy

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