Comprehensive emergency response to communities affected by displacement, food insecurity and environmental shocks in Somalia

Sustainable Infrastructure
May 2022
May 2023

The proposed award modification will address immediate needs as a result of the on-going drought. Understanding the fragility of the current situation, and drawing on lessons learned in past drought responses, ACTED will take deliberate approach to prevent further deterioration in the humanitarian situation. This will include a focus on secondary, tertiary and rural population, with specific efforts to include marginalized communities and minority clans. These specific populations groups are hard to reach, and have, in previous droughts, suffered disproportionately compared to populations in large urban centres where the majority of response actors operate. Activities under the proposed Award Modification will improve access to food through unconditional mobile money transfer and as well as clean and drinkable water through rehabilitation of water assets, sanitation through rehabilitation of latrines and hygiene through awareness and distribution of non-food items (NFIs). The ability to rapidly respond to crisis, as we have recently experienced in Dinsoor, will be built into the project through a rapid response action (RRA), where multi-purpose cash assistance will be provided to the crisis affected population. Moreover, REACH will continue to ensure the humanitarian community is informed on the needs for a more tailored assistance delivery through the multi-sector needs assessment, the humanitarian situation monitoring, and the NFI Joint Market Monitoring. In total, REACH will support 120 organisations and ACTED, together with SADO and PASOS, will support 68,744 households, which represent 412,466 individuals (Original award: 33,945 households (203,670 individuals); Award Modification: 34,799 households (208,796 individuals)).