Sri Lanka

Community Livelihood and Biodiversity Recover [COLIBRI]

Sri Lanka Strengthening Institutions and Civil Society
December 2020
December 2022

The 24-month project will contribute to the recovery of community livelihoods and biodiversity through Civil Society Organisations’ effective engagement in and management of the protection and preservation of natural resources in Sri Lanka. Specifically, the project will restore and safeguard forest biodiversity within the KCF through the sustainable use of natural resources for livelihood development (SO1) and enhance the protection of coral reef resources and adherence to existing regulations within the BRMS and KMS (SO2). Thus, the project will enhance the socio-economic well-being of 3,675 households who are largely dependent on agricultural or marine resources for their livelihoods.

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Community Livelihood and Biodiversity Recover [COLIBRI]

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