Closing the gap: Educating marginalised girls in Sindh and FATA

Pakistan Sustainable and inclusive growth
December 2018
November 2022

Given the large scale of Out-of-school (OOS) girls in Pakistan, ACTED has planned an integrated education programme, which aims to simultaneously address physical, quality-related, socio-cultural, family/community level and system level barriers to accessing schooling for girls. Spanning 4 years (Dec 2018 – Nov 2022), ACTED, in coordination with consortium partners, will target areas in Sindh and FATA, reaching a total of 5,500 beneficiaries including 4,400 girls who have never been to school and 1, 100 girls who dropped out. Multiple cohorts of Accelerated Learning Programmes (ALP), literacy and numeracy trainings and skills training will be facilitated, supplemented with community demand creation activities.

Current projects

Early recovery intervention for flood affected population in Sindh

Humanitarian Assistance for Vulnerable Flood Affected Communities in Sindh, Pakistan

Cash Relief – WFP Assistance Programme

To contribute to food consumption of the most vulnerable HHs affected by flood and pandemic through emergency food assistance in Sindh

Integrated Emergency Intervention for Flood-affected Vulnerable Communities in Sindh

To support disaster-affected food insecure communities of Umerkot and MirpurKhas through provision of food packages

Unconditional Cash Assistance under WFP’s COVID-19 response in Sindh districts Badin, and Jamshoro

Reducing Food Insecurity of the Most Vulnerable Affected Groups in Pakistan

Improving National Capacity to Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic in Pakistan (Cap-COVID)

COVID-19 response – Consortium for Natural Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery in Pakistan

Increased employment opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged youth groups in Pakistan

Closing the gap: Educating marginalised girls in Sindh and FATA

National Water Resources Management – Phase II

National Water Resources Management – Phase II

Adolescent and Adult Learning and Training Program

Market and employment for peace and stability